To meet your needs …

Virtual Assistance support is tailored to each client’s requirements

Remote Admin Support allows you to have access to a range of office equipment and services
whether you are home or away from your office base.

By outsourcing your admin tasks, it will…

  • focus support on unresolved admin
  • expand your capability
  • increase your flexibility
  • improve your productivity

A timesheet is set up for each client. Based on an hourly rate,
you only pay for the time used for your work

Short term:

  • a single task/report/project
  • to clear some backlog

Medium/Long term:

  • a part-time VA/PA for regular assistance from the Remote Admin Support office for several hours per month

It’s like having your secretary sitting at the next desk
We can provide the same functions as an office-based PA,
except we haven’t found a way of making tea virtually!